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    Celebrating our Tenth Year Together: The Tri-Church Vocal Choir under the direction of Lucy Andrus

    Vocal Choir

    We are blessed with talented people and beautiful voices. Our choir provides a diverse selection of music for worship services and special music during the Christmas and Easter seasons. Vocal Choir rehearses on Sundays, prior to and after worship service that begins at 10:00 am. Several choir members also participate in our music ministry outreach serving Lakeview Correctional Facility and other community organizations. Our Vocal Choir is directed by Lucy Andrus. If you would like to join our Vocal Choir, please contact Lucy Andrus at: luna5186@aol.com.

    We would like to thank Kathy Boberg for her years of music ministry. We pray that she will thoroughly enjoy the extra time that she will now be able to spend with her family.

    Hand Bell Choir

    Our Bell Choir has new members as well as some of the original members. We welcome new members all year round. We are very fortunate to have a new set of Hand Bells. We are looking for individuals that would be interested in playing the hand bells. Please contact Pastor Clara if you are interested.

    If you would like to be a part of our Music Program, Contact Pastor Clara Wilder or our Music Director, Lucy Andrus!