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    What We Do -- Committees

    Financial Committee

    This committee oversees the finances of the Church, and is charged with the responsibility of giving pre-approval to fund-raising project ideas. The Committee is also responsible for reporting our finances to both the Upper New York Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, and the Southwestern Jurisdiction of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

    Board of Trustees

    Board of Trustee members are elected to three year terms and take responsibility for overseeing and maintaining all church property and buildings. They operate using a special building and property fund that covers plowing and property incidentals that are needed.

    Visioning Committee

    The Visioning Committee will be responsible for developing information about our church and the programs we offer. The group will lead the church members in distributing information to the community. The Committee will also be responsible for updating the church’s strategic plan as needed.

    Staff/Pastor/Parish Relationship Committee (SPPRC)

    The SPPRC is responsible for overseeing staff hiring, and conducting potential staff-hiring interviews. They are also responsible for supporting the Pastor and assisting with Spiritual guidance.

    Membership Committee

    The Membership Committee oversees the Church’s membership records, Baptism records, and Confirmation class records. They also assist the Pastor with Membership classes as warranted.

    Safe Sanctuaries Committee

    This Committee is certified in Safe Sanctuaries Training and is responsible for assuring the Church is in compliance with those standards. They are also responsible for updating the Safe Sanctuaries report and making sure background checks are completed for those people working with children.

    Social Media/Web Page Committee

    This committee will oversee the development and upkeep of our Web Page. They are also assigned with the task of developing a facebook page and keeping our information up to date.